Clanfield Church of England Primary School

Curriculum Overview

An aspirational, exciting and engaging curriculum; putting children at the heart of their learning; preparing them for success in a diverse and ever-changing future within Modern Britain and beyond.

Through child-centred, immersive commission projects and purposeful action, we enable all of our pupils to flourish. Strong links with the local community encourage our pupils to explore the opportunities available on their doorstep and their place in Society.  By introducing a global dimension to our coverage, pupils are exposed to issues beyond their immediate context, developing their potential as change agents for the future.  
We value high-quality enriching experiences

Our approach

Our ‘Intent, Implement and Impact’ document underpins every lesson we teach and outlines the 6 nutrients we provide, enabling our children to grow and flourish as individuals. 

  • Valuing the whole child - We aim to create inclusive and engaging learning environments to help us develop curious, confident learners. Within each curriculum subject, we provide thought provoking opportunities for all pupils so that they develop good levels of understanding within a broad curriculum.
  • Deep thinking - Our curriculum topics are ethical and meaningful and encompass relevant topics, such as challenging gender stereotypes, affecting change and nurture a deeper understanding of global issues. 
  • The Global and Ethical Dimension - our curriculum has to prepare our pupils for the future and whilst we may be a small village school, we are a forward thinking, research driven and compassionate community. Our curriculum reflects a wide global reach and exposes pupils to cultures, locations and landscapes from every continent.
  • Community LinksAs well as inviting in our local PCSO and engaging in the IMPS programme, we are making the most of the opportunities our local community provides.
  • Enrichment - During the School year, all of our pupils are offered the opportunity to participate in a Nativity or Production. All classes are also given the chance to work with external professionals such as iRock, gymnastics with Coach Nemo and yoga lessons. In addition, every term our children experience either a trip or visitor to enhance their learning. 
  • Nurture and mental health education - we want our pupils to be be able to establish healthy, meaningful and supportive relationships with those in school and beyond. Our PSHCE, SMSC and supportive learning environments support children in collaborating, combining skills and talents and the ability to work together successfully. Our appointment of a nurture lead enables us to develop this provision further. 

Our whole school assemblies are inclusive. Everyone has an opportunity to join in.

The curriculum design

Our curriculum runs on a two year cycle, with projects spanning the long terms. This allows pupils to experience their learning through both breadth and depth studies. Pupils' learning builds upon previous knowledge in clear progressive steps. 

We immerse our children through drama to engage them in their learning. Commission projects are set by 'experts', challenging our pupils to use their learning for a real-life career application.

Commission projects to date have included:

 - We are restauranteurs: a thanksgiving pop-up restaurant (Year 5/6) 

 - We are archaeologists: exploring and documenting their findings from an Egyptian tomb (Year 3/4)

 - We are campaigners: raising awareness of environmental issues across the School (Year 1/2) 

 - We are librarians: sharing stories with our families during a local walk (Reception)

Here is our whole school curriculum overview: 

Curriculum Overview  Additional Opportunities

In addition to our curriculum offer, we provide opportunities for our pupils to flourish and develop holistically in order to be their best selves.
  • School Council
  • Head Boy and Head Girl
  • House Captains and Deputies 
  • Pupil Leadership Team
  • Worship Warriors 
  • Eco-team 
  • Lean-in Circle