Clanfield Church of England Primary School


At Clanfield Church of England Primary School we are committed to teaching a relevant Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Curriculum (PSHE).

Following the overview provided by the PSHE association, each year group from 1-6 takes a focus each term on Health & Wellbeing, Relationships and then Living in the Wider World.

The objectives and expectations are then mapped by year group and term. For example, Year 5 will cover ‘managing change’. This theme may also appear in other year groups (2 and 6) but in a progressive and age appropriate manner. Teaching approaches vary and include (but are not limited to): Debates, Group/Individual Research & presentation, Draw & Write, Drama & Role Play, Group/Individual Writing tasks and Circle Times. In addition, other ongoing class practices and collective worship themes can also address and teach the objectives.

At Clanfield CE Primary School each of the PSHE units relates to our whole school curriculum intention; Nurture and Mental Health and Valuing the Whole Child.

Nurture and Mental Health

Forming and sustaining positive relationships with friends, peers and staff is a key component when pursuing a happy and peaceful life. We want our pupils to be able to establish healthy, meaningful and supportive relationships with those in school and beyond. Our PSHE, SMSC and supportive learning environment supports children in collaborating, combining skills and talents and the ability to work together successfully.

Valuing the Whole Child

We hold our pupils' holistic development in the same high regard as their academic attainment and achievements. We value the well-being and personal development of each individual pupil and member of staff, and aim to provide a curriculum in which each member of our school family can thrive. We aim to create inclusive and engaging learning environments to help us develop curious, confident learners. Our curriculum supports us in celebrating and embracing diversity of cultures, opinions and lifestyle choices, both locally and globally

POLICY - under review Sept 2023

Our PSHE Long Term Plan is available here:

 Under Review

Our Progression and Medium Term Planning here:

Progression and Medium Term Planning