Clanfield Church of England Primary School

Topaz Class ​ (Y5/6)

Class Teachers - Mrs McPherson/ Mrs Fairbairn
Teaching Assistant - Mrs Krzywiec/ Miss Murray

​In Topaz Class we aim to inspire our children by fostering a love of learning in an inclusive environment with an 'every child can' attitude. Full immersion in our termly topics mean that children are able to nurture their creativity and curiosity in line with the 5 strands of the Clanfield Curriculum. We celebrate the individual and their unique combinations of strengths and challenges, studying aspirational role models from a range of backgrounds across the subject areas.

On this page, you will be able to find our curriculum maps, examples of learning and outcomes from Topaz class as well as copies of letters that are sent out. Over time, this website will be embellished further with news and helpful hints to enable School and Home to work together to care for, nurture and develop the whole child.

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Our learning journey...

In Topaz Class we have had so many adventures in our learning. We will add photos to our learning journeys as they progress so check back for updates!​

During the Autumn term, our key concept is 'How can we empower others?' and we are exploring 'Holes' by Louis Sachar and will go on to look at 'Freedom Bird' in the second half of the term.  We began by immersing ourselves in Holes and exploring Stanley's character.  We are working towards producing a discussion text about 'Whether it is right to send a child to a Juvenile Correctional Facility' like our protagonist.  We hope to read these to our parents at our class assembly and ask them to vote on what they think after hearing our arguments!  We will also study non chronological reports and produce one on Yellow Spotted Lizards.

During our work on 'Freedom Bird', we will be exploring figurative language and writing poetry inspired by the story.  We will be researching the American Civil War and slavery with an end result of writing a biography on Harriet Tubman.   

Our Curriculum Commission during the Autumn term is to produce our own version of a 'Thanksgiving dinner' after studying the history of North America and Thanksgiving itself.  We are lucky enough to have had a visit from somebody at Witney Food Bank who came to talk to us about their work and we have begun to think about what we are thankful for.  As the term moves on, we will combine this with our work on North America and begin to compile ideas for recipes using ingredients from Food Bank parcels and use them to create a thanksgiving dinner where we reflect on what we are thankful for in front of our parents and maybe some special guests too.  

In Science, we have been studying forces and you will see the results of our efforts in the photos - working to problem solve and create a pulley.  

During the Spring Term, we will be looking at our question of 'We are Conservationists'.  We will be exploring rainforests, predominately The Amazon.  We will be looking at sustainability and how we can conserve our planet.  We will be studying Darwin and adaptation in Science.   Our class texts are The Explorer by Katherine Rundell and Darwin's Dragons in the second half of the term.  We will be producing films about conservation and preserving our world - we are hoping to screen these to an audience too! 


Topaz Commission work Autumn 2023


Topaz Autumn 2023



 Our current curriculum maps

Topaz Curriculum map Autumn 2 2023Topaz Autumn 202

topaz commission planning overview spring a 2023 2024 pptx.pdf


topaz spring a map 2023 2024 pptx.pdf



Letters and other Communications

 Welcome letter 2023

topaz term 3 4 welcome letter docx.pdf