Clanfield Church of England Primary School


Welcome to Clanfield Church of England Primary Website. I hope you find the information contained here useful, whether you are a pupil having a peek at what other classes have been doing, a prospective parent deciding whether to send your child here, or an existing parent who cannot find the latest newsletter in your child’s bag! This website is updated frequently with latest news and information, calendar dates as well as a gallery of children’s displays, work and events. On the class pages you can see examples of super learning and explore termly curriculum information. Please visit regularly or perhaps set Clanfield Church of England Primary School as your home page!

Clanfield Church of England Primary School is a popular school in Oxfordshire with 104 pupils arranged in 4 classes. There is a purposeful, calm atmosphere throughout where our children have lots of fun exploring. Our School family’s Christian ethos: Rooted in faith; enabling all to grow and flourish; is underpinned by the parable of the sower - (Mt:13 v31-32). Clanfield is a Church of England Primary School with a strong and caring Christian ethos. At Clanfield, we seek to provide the good soil that enables our individuals to establish roots and flourish.

We try to sow seeds of hope, compassion and courage. In the ‘Parable of the Sower’, the grain produces a different harvest. We recognise that not every child will achieve in the same way or succeed at the same things, but every child and adult can fulfil their potential and should be proud of the skills and talents they develop. At Clanfield Church of England Primary School we want to reduce the weeds that can stifle growth, such as; a lack of confidence, engagement or support. If the parable is considered in relation to the soil, there is another important theme for school life. For good things to grow, the soil has to provide the right conditions for that growth. For children to flourish and produce good things, they need help to be ready to learn and encouragement to make the most of every opportunity. As a Christian school, we want children and adults in our community to recognise how to live and relate to others to enable us to grow as kind and good individuals contributing to a better world. These are key values which we wish to promote in our school community.

Each value is modelled and demonstrated by staff in: the way they act and behave towards each other and all stakeholders; the language and vocabulary used and how teaching and learning is approached. Please see our vision and values pages for more information.

Our children are supported by a hard-working team of teachers, teaching assistants and other members of the support team.The whole staff share a responsibility of keeping self-esteem high, making learning life at school exciting, fun and enjoyable but also of course having a shared accountability for raising standards. Above all else, we all know that happy children make the best learners!

​Our teaching team deliver lessons in a creative and inspiring way, making connections to relevant and topical themes which equip our pupils for for life in the 21st century. You can read more about our curriculum intent here: Curriculum Overview

We have made sure that our website is comprehensive and contains lots of information. We realise that there is nothing better than seeing the school working from first-hand however in current circumstances, we are unable to do so.

​So in order to try and fully experience the energy and enthusiasm of our school, we invite you to watch our virtual tour ( below) to sample the positive, happy, calm and hard-working atmosphere - to virtually see for yourself why Clanfield is a really good choice for your children.

It is a real privilege to be Headteacher of this wonderful school. I am proud of all the people who contribute in some way to providing high quality education, opportunities and experiences for our children. We hope that the children leave Clanfield having achieved their very best and look back with really positive and happy memories of the people, events and their time at this school.

Visits to our school are always welcome. Please do contact the school office to arrange a time to come and see us. We look forward to welcoming you.

Mrs Kim Rogers, Headteacher 


We hope you enjoy the tour.